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Hidden door to refresh the interior

Secret doorways are a stylish and contemporary interior element suitable for every apartment. The bookcase completely merges with furniture, and the style of the room becomes more pronounced and exciting. Similar bookcase door models perfectly cope with the task of visually expanding the space. And if you need to construct hidden premises, buying such a secret door during sales will be the best solution.

The hidden doorway design will be invisible against the wall. To find this bookcase door, you will need to look closely to see a gap in the doorway between the case and the door leaf. If the handle has a standard design, it will be visible. However, there are more modern options when fittings remain invisible.

Features of hidden doors

You can make a secret door bookcase or install such a design at the entrance to any room.

Such options have a number of advantages, due to which they are becoming increasingly popular:

  1. Installed without trims. If the colour of the door fully matches the wall, it will be invisible.
  2. High strength. Doors have an aluminum frame, which makes them more reliable.
  3. No noise during the bookcase
  4. Soundproof properties, the room will not lose
  5. The bookcase can be of various designs and
  6. Easy care. Don’t use abrasive detergents when wiping sashes. In this case, the surface will preserve its original form for a long time.

The door bookcase can be wallpapered or painted to match the walls in the room. If the bookshelf is to turn into a highlight of the room, the surface is painted in contrasting colours.

In order for the bookcase door leaf in the hidden doorway to be fixed with a high level of security, hidden loops are used. When the sash is closed, the hardware item remains inside the frame. If a pendulum, sliding or rotary door is installed, safe rotary mechanisms are used. In this case, handles are unnecessary.

Secret room doors: types and methods of opening

There are several types of bookshelf hidden doors, either one or two-sided. The former option of the bookcase is pretty narrow. It’s suitable for places that require masking of doors only on the facing side, while behind the bookcase the door will look as usual.

Double-sided sliding bookshelf doors can be of different thickness. The door unit is light-weight, regardless of which option you choose. For the leaf of the bookcase, light materials as aluminium are used. Its weight corresponds to similar wooden models. The design of the bookcase depends on the preferences of the customer. Decorative or standard finishes, grain texture, or individual design (with prints and other patterns, or carved elements) can be used.

The most popular bookcase design at the hidden door store is hinged. To open the sash, you need to pull a certain part of the door. The versatile look is perfect for both living rooms and offices.

You can order a suitable model (including the Outswing door frame or Inswing door frame) from the secret door company. Each item goes through several stages of checking. Bookcase sales allow to purchase a door at an affordable price. Your room will have an advantageous security position, and its style will be saved.