Wall Panels

Decorative wall panels can be finished with different materials:

  • veneer
  • paint
  • glass
  • wood

Panels #1. MDF base (12 mm). Finish: natural veneer.

Connection: butt joint (RAL painted planks).

Panels #2. MDF base (8 mm). Finish: 4 mm lacquered glass.

Connection: butt joint

Panels #3. MDF base (12 mm). Finish: RAL lacquer

Connection: butt joint (RAL painted planks).

Panels #4. Solid ash wood. MDF inserts. Finish: RAL lacquer

Connection: gibs

Standard Sizes

Maximum panel size is 1200х2750 mm.

Recommended panel size is no more than 2000 mm in height and no more than 800 mm in width; larger panels can get deformed while in service.

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Modern wall paneling

Wall panels are construction materials used for finishing. They are suitable both for interior design of walls and for creating a unique exterior with paneling. Various materials are used for interior wall paneling, including natural wood, fiberboard, veneer, plastic, and so on. Unique colours and unusual textures turn an ordinary room into a chic and cozy area.

The site offers a wide choice of models that are perfect for the design of any room. Wall panels have thermal insulation properties, absorb sound and create maximum comfort in your house. It takes much less time to install home walls than other wall paneling methods. You will finish the repair much faster and will enjoy the new interior.

Sale of panels allows to purchase the necessary materials at lower prices. Calculate how many wall panels you will need and then order them on the site.

Stylish board for wall in the house

Board paneling has a wide range of applications. It is great for:

  • decoration of walls in a room;
  • decoration of ceiling;
  • space zoning (if you install a small partition or make an arch in a studio apartment).

Decorative wall panels are suitable for bathroom renovation. In this case, a moisture-resistant material will not deform and lose its look due to an increased level of humidity.

Contemporary panels perfectly complement the interior of a kitchen, adding a touch of sophistication. You can tastefully decorate the room by choosing trendy models with walnut pattern or other prints. The material of the wall panel must be resistant to temperature changes, so that the surface is not damaged due to the constant ingress of steam.

A great option for transforming the interior of a bedroom is to install boards of soothing colours. You will create a striking design in the room while maintaining the style you chose. If you are looking for inspiration for paneling, check out ideas on our website. 

Interior wall panels in Canada: simplicity and reliability

Wall paneling for sale doesn’t require special preparation of walls before starting the works. If the surface is flat, a plank or a stick will stick directly to the surface. The glue dries quickly, so after a short time the board will be securely fixed in your room.

If there are flaws on the wall (bumps, damage, and so on), use a crate. It is installed on the wall, after which a decorative panel is attached to it. This paneling option is more convenient, since all wires and communications remain under the surface, and the interior of the room looks more aesthetically pleasing.

In the shop of wall panels in Canada, you will find interesting models suitable for office paneling and other rooms. They look concise and stylish, perfectly complement the various designs. You can choose minimalistic design, hi-tech or Provence and choose suitable panels for it.

The site helps to calculate the cost of panels during sales. This is a convenient way that will allow you to make a purchase, focusing on your budget. Choose high-quality and beautiful panels and create an incredible decoration in your home!