Sliding Doors

Swing doors are too bulky for low-ergonomic rooms and small apartments, which can be a real problem. Luckily, there are sliding doors, which are are the perfect solution to this problem.

Sliding doors help to save space, and their stylish design will spice up your interior. They can have different opening systems; to choose the best one, you need to consider the technical and aesthetic requirements of your interior design.

 The best thing about sliding door systems is that they are compatible with practically any kind of door leaf. You can see various models provided by the manufacturers we work with in the Interior Doors section of our catalog.


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Sliding doors for any room

One of the novelties in the interior design is sliding doors at an affordable price. This is the most practical design, which has a lot of advantages compared to swing models. They are suitable for zoning rooms in a house and fit perfectly into any interior design.

The main advantage is a significant saving of space. You don’t need to leave free space to open sliding doors, they will slide along the wall without interfering with the entrance or the furniture.

The renovation, which includes door installation, will not have a significant impact on your budget. The site often has sales, so any door for an exterior patio or inside the house can be bought at a lower cost in Canada.

Sliding models are perfect for any room. You can choose a stylish decorative bedroom door made of solid wood. Create beautiful decoration inside your living room with a glass door in the rustic style. Also, these doors will help complement the unfinished design of the kitchen.

Best patio doors for sale

The assortment offers affordable patio doors prices, which differ depending on the chosen model.

Such internal doors can be classified according to several parameters.

  1. Manufacturing material. Internal sliding doors are made of natural wood, aluminium, MDF or a combination of various
  2. It can be sliding or folding models, each of which is perfect for complementing the interior.
  3. Number of sashes. A double door is a classic option, but for greater space savings, models with one leaf are used.

You can buy sliding doors in Canada that are completely invisible when opened. In this case, a small niche is designed in the wall of the house, where the sash is hidden. Another option is classic compartments doors. They move along the slider away from the doorway and remain open near the wall.

Features of double sliding interior doors

The cost of sliding doors in Canada includes the price of accessories, such as rails and fittings. The fastening mechanisms are of high quality and ensure easy operation indoors. Even a child can open the door, as it slides on rollings, so a small touch is enough.

A popular installation option is on two rails, mounted at the top and bottom of the doorway. The design is very practical and has a low price. The internal double door is securely fixed, while the indoor one provides additional heat and noise insulation.

You can also install the sash on one slider placed above. In this case, the selected door model should not be heavier than 70 kg. The sash will be rolling silently unlike the previous option.

Indoor sliding doors are often used for built-in closets or pantries. This is a great way to make access to things easier while maintaining the style of the room. If the sash is decorated with a mirror, you will visually enlarge the room.

Sales of indoor models are an affordable way to update the interior. The price of each design is indicated in the catalog. You can contact a consultant to clarify what is included in the set.