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TRIO DOORS is a chain of multi-brand door showrooms that presents products from the leading Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers.

We offer our customers flexible prices, high-quality service and, of course, the exclusive doors. TRIO DOOR’s official website will be your reliable assistant when it comes to choosing products.

We have developed a number of requirements for manufacturers, so if you decide to buy doors from our online store, you can be confident in their unparalleled quality. The price of the products we offer is also of great importance to us; instead of chasing profit, we offer our customers high-quality products at the best prices. Check out our price list and see for yourself! We strive to provide each customer with a wide selection of products to fit any taste and budget, as well as the highest quality of service.


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Online store of doors Trio Doors

Solid door for house

After purchasing a house, the first thing its owners think about is reliable doors to ensure the security of the house from unpleasant weather and outside penetration. Reliable new doors will help to keep warm inside the building and protect it from uninvited guests.

Unfortunately, many people have difficulty choosing new doors. It is important that they not only provide security from break-ins but also fit the exterior of the house. The door should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Models with glass panels are very popular.

You should also pay attention to the material. It is best to choose metal models with an electronic magnetic lock. To get outside, just open doors with a special key. Such options have a long service life, and house owners can prolong it if you use the doors.

Benefits of exterior doors

Buying a door is a useful necessity in the process of buying a new house or renovating an existing one. Installing a new piece of furniture doesn’t take much time, because you can order a special service on the website. Its specialists will be happy to help, and you will enjoy the result.

You can place a door in any room, be it a hall or a bathroom. You can decorate a patio, making the exit to the indoor area more comfortable.

At least, in addition to ease of installation and operation, sliding doors have some other advantages:

  • provide reliable house security from unpleasant weather conditions (storm, rain, snowfall, etc.);
  • keep indoor rooms warm thanks to reliable insulation;
  • security against intrusions thanks to the magnetic key;
  • excellent sound insulation, which will protect from unwanted sounds;
  • good ventilation in the house.

The undoubted advantage is the variety of doors. You can pick up a classic, elegant or French style door. An entry door will perfectly match any design and will securely protect your house.

But the main advantage is, perhaps, the cost of the door. To buy doors online in Canada, you don’t need to save up for a long time, because thanks to the wide variety of options, it is easy to choose the one with the most suitable price. Shop for doors during regular sales, thanks to which you will not only choose a suitable model from available options but will also save money. 

Where to buy exterior door

Many house and apartment owners face the problem of where to buy a door. To choose a stylish and reliable option, contact Trio Doors online store. Thanks to a wide variety of design ideas, you will be able to easily pick up an interesting model for your house.

An undoubted advantage is the ability to buy doors online in Canada online store. Thanks to the convenient website, you can quickly place an order, and its consultants will be happy to sell you the model you like. When buying doors online, you can also use the installation service. Ordering this service is fast, convenient and affordable, because the cost is suitable for everyone. The professionals of this store sell necessary options and will help to install the chosen door, and you admire the result. Any entry door in the store has a nice design and affordable price.

Shopping for doors is an excellent solution for both house owners and tenants. You can be sure of the protection level, because any door sold in the store reliably protects the premises from any illegal entry.