Fireproof Doors

The Key Features of Fire Doors

Fire doors, along with other protective measures, are used to ensure effective protection against smoke and fire in the event of a fire in residential, commercial, administrative, and technical buildings. This door type allows to contain fire in specific areas and at the same time reduce material damage. Fire doors prevent fire from spreading for some time and provide firefighters with easy access to the fire source. They are equipped with smoke-proof elements that prevent the spread of combustion products. Fire doors are made of durable materials that can withstand high temperatures without suffering significant damage. The manufacturing process is strictly regulated according to rigorous standards, and finished products require appropriate certification.

The main characteristics of fire doors:

  • Safe and fire regulations compiant.
  • No flammable materials.
  • Equipped with special seals and fire-resistant elements.
  • Reliable thanks to special devices, such as door closers.
  • Equipped with high-quality fittings.

Fireproof Door Examples

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Reliability and safety fire doors

Fire doors are fire proof structures that acts as a special defensive system during a fire or combustion of gaseous products. The price of fire rated doors depends on their design, materials and certain technical specifications.

When choosing a model, one should take into account the fire resistance limit, which is the time during which the internal door is able to maintain its performance without succumbing to the fire, smoke and high temperature.

Depending on this, there are three types of fire resistant doors:

  1. Those that withstand extreme impact up to 30 minutes.
  2. Those that withstand the impact at least 60 minutes.
  3. Those that withstand the impact at least 90 minutes.

Depending on the location, there are outdoor and internal models, which are used as interior doors in residential, office or industrial premises.

Features of exterior fire door

When choosing a protecting fire door for external use, the client first of all pays attention to its cost and the characteristics of materials used for it. The frame and other parts of the door must be made of metal and not have any additional flammable elements. Therefore, the use of plastic, laminate and hardboard is excluded. The best solution is one-piece structures made of steel panels.

In order for a fire proof door to serve for a long time and be reliable, it should be installed correctly. As a rule, suppliers help to do it. It is not so easy to choose and install a fire rated unit, so it is better to trust professionals who are familiar with all the nuances and provide their services anywhere in Canada. Incorrect installation may lead to problems due to which the exterior structures will not fully perform their functions.

Order a customized fireproof door, ensure the safety of your family and minimize your costs and effort.

Fire safety doors for your home

Would you like to make your house safe for your loved ones? Then you should definitely buy fire doors, which during a fire will ensure insulated and safe space even in your absence. It is worth noting that fire safety doors can fit perfectly into any interior, as they are custom made and stained in any colour. In addition, this will not affect the overall cost in any way.

"Trio doors" project will be your reliable friend and fulfill any requirement when making the fireproof unit. You will find a variety of models of these designs at an affordable price.

The main functions that fire rated doors perform are:

  1. Resistant to flame propagation.
  2. Fire proof inside the room.
  3. Create suitable conditions for safe evacuation.

The supplier guarantees that doors will fully meet all listing requirements. The cost of fire rated doors depends solely on the wishes and possibilities of the client. For example, for an additional price, a grooved authorized code will be installed on the lock, which will provide even more security to your home and will resist unwanted break-ins.

Manufacturers of fire resistant doors offer a wide variety of options. This product has been repeatedly marked with high grades from buyers who have already received their fire rated doors. Together with resistant entrance units, you can purchase fire resistant windows at an affordable cost and with delivery throughout Canada.