Healthcare Facility Doors

The Key Features of Doors for Healthcare Facilities

Hygiene, sterility and cleanness of the premises are crucial for creating a comfortable and safe medical environment for patients, doctors and other healthcare professionals. Doors in medical facilities must meet the quality and safety requirements stipulated by the law, which must be confirmed by the appropriate certificates.
In addition, medical doors must meet a large number of standards: environmental, sanitary and epidemiological, and, of course, aesthetic.

The main characteristics of healthcare facility doors:

  • Highly durable, light and functional.
  • Resistant to aggressive agents.
  • Equipped with high-quality fittings.
  • Eco-friendly and do not absorb foreign odors.

The surface of high-quality doors for medical facilities must be laminated with HPL. This material is considered the most durable; it provides reliable protection against chemical and mechanical impacts.

Healthcare facility doors are acoustically insulated (30–32 dB).

Door closer is optional.

Ward Doors

Doors in patients’ wards must be durable and meet the requirements of everyday life. They must have a hygienic surface and be easy-to-use. 

Corridor Doors

Corridor doors in clinics and hospitals should have the biggest possible number of opening/closing cycles and be easy-to-use. Wide-leaf or double-leaf doors are the best solution in this case.

Office Doors

Office doors should be resistant to mechanical and chemical impacts. Of course, the aesthetic qualities also matter: the door should fit with the interior design of the office.

Service Room Doors

Doors for service rooms must be moisture resistant, easy-to-use and durable, as well as provide a barrier-free access to the premises.

Examples of Doors for Medical Facilities

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Hospital doors of the highest quality by Trio Doors

Hospital doors are a separate category of products for specialized institutions, for which design and style are not as important as their performance. The construction of modern medical buildings and the renovation of existing ones is always accompanied by the installation of new and high-quality hospital room doors.

What are the features of these structures? It is important that entrance doors in medical institutions are subjected to constant shocks, pressure and blows from wheelchairs, walkers and crotches, which are used to move seriously ill patients. In addition, regular sanitary and hygienic measures prohibit the use of ordinary interior doors at the entrance to treatment rooms. Such details are taken into account when planning medical institutions and involve the purchase of specialized equipment. The manufacturer of various entrance structures — Trio Doors — holds sales such doors.

Reliable and proven hospital entrance doors

Trio Doors has been engaged in sales of perfect entrance units for various purposes for several years now. One of the specializations of its work is the production of doors for healthcare institutions.

What is interesting about door systems for hospitals? Their main benefits are:

  • wear resistance;
  • strength;
  • smooth surface;
  • hygiene;
  • ease of use;
  • thermal insulation (for entrance doors);
  • sliding mechanism of opening.

One of the most important features is their tightness, which provides protection against dust and foreign odours. For this, the manufacturer makes a hospital door in the form of a solid piece without extra space at the bottom. In addition, such models have great smoke-rated properties, which is very important for the mentioned industry.

Structural solutions for indoor hospital doors

As a rule, wooden, metal, plastic or glass doors are installed in hospitals. For this, reliable and mechanically strong materials are used, which are easily swing and fold when used.

The variety of models of hospital doors for sale at our company depends on the purpose of the premises.

Our clients have access to the doors for:

  • treatment room;
  • staff room;
  • medical room;
  • operating room;
  • labs.

The range of entrance doors is based on the purpose and type of institution — hospital, relax centre or clinic, as well as the mode of use, i.e. for different types of rooms.

Would you like to equip your hospital with high-quality and reliable doors in all rooms? If yes, we recommend that you study the catalog on our website. Here you will find entrance and interior doors of different heights and widths. It is enough to place an online order in the store, and our specialists will quickly deliver and install entrance units.

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