Standard door sizes in Canada

Standard door sizes (Canada or another country) impose strict requirements for the length and width of the structure. It is important to take this into account during the installation and future use of the units. It is difficult to calculate the dimensions of a door, in particular how wide is a doorway, on your own. This should be done together with experienced craftsmen. They use special equipment for this purpose.

Dimensions for different types of leaves

When discussing standard door sizes in Canada, it isn’t worth ignoring the established rules for door dimensions to understand how wide is a standard doorway. Moreover, if you own a house or apartment, and take care of its design, then you must follow all the regulations. Here there are the typical dimensions of the main types of doors:

  1. Exterior ones. According to specifications, standard exterior door sizes in Canada are equal 6 feet 8 inches by 3 feet 96 inches. When it comes to new entry models, you may also want to consider ones that are 30 and 32 inches wide. And more, there are products that measure 7 feet and 8 feet tall and 24 to 42 inches
  2. Sliding glass doors. It is almost impossible to find a worthy competitor for glass doors for their spectacular appearance. They are able to visually increase the space due to the lighting. Moreover, they’re perfect for small rooms. How wide is a doorway in feet? Usually 6 feet 8 inches wide and 6 feet high.
  3. Interior ones. There are standard interior doors sizes in Canada, which is equal to 80 inches in height. If talking about the other indicator, it can be 24, 28, 30, 32 or 36 inches. Next is the thickness. It should be 1-3/8 inches.

The last point needs to be elaborated on. According to building codes, the standard height of a door is 80 inches. However, it is impossible to say at once how wide is a doorway in inches. This figure varies more often. It is possible to find the average external and internal standard width of the door. In the first case, it is 36 inches, and in the second: from 28 to 32 inches.

The regular doorway height is 6 feet and 8 inches. The typical doorway height is the same as the door plus 2 5/8 inches.


The bedroom door is usually 80 inches high and 30-32 inches wide. This is sufficient for most mattresses. It is necessary to know how wide is a bedroom doorway, so that the mentioned dimensions of the bedroom doorway meet the same dimensions of the doorway. At the same time, the measurements should be made before purchase the unit. You can do it by yourself taking the measurements after removing the casings:

  • the height must be calculated strictly from the floor to the upper edge of the aisle;
  • when planning, it is worth setting a stationary threshold, it is needed to subtract about 20-30 mm from the result obtained;
  • check how wide is a doorway in cm, this parameter should be measured from one side of the doorway to the other;
  • it is desirable to measure at several points of the passage in order to finally verify the correctness of its geometry.

It is also possible to ask a specialist. Often the companies that sell the relevant products offer the services of a master measurer. Knowing exactly how wide is a normal doorway in the bedroom, you will unmistakably choose or order a block with the right dimensions.

Garage doors

The technical requirements for the construction of garage doors are governed by standards. Garage door standard sizes in Canada consist of the height of the doorway, varying from 1.9 to 2.6 meters, taking into account the car size. For trucks the door is higher.

Standard garage door sizes in Canada, including the width, do not have exact figures. The width of the doorway consists of the dimensions of the car in cm +30/40 cm gap on both sides. When choosing a door, it is worth always considering the kind of construction (roll-out, roll-up, hinged, etc.) in order to correctly calculate the usable area.

Dimensions of the doorway for wheelchairs

To find out how wide is a wheelchair doorway, it is first necessary to determine the dimensions of the wheelchair. Then it will be much more comfortable for those who have to ride in a wheelchair to use the doorway. Wheelchairs are sold in the following sizes:

  • 620 (mm);
  • 670 (mm);
  • 703 (mm).

How wide is a wheelchair accessible doorway? The indicator is 800 mm, the width of the leaf – 700 mm, the width of the doorway – 650 mm. This is true for the door type D 21 – 8, but if considering the model D 21 – 9, the answer to the question, how wide is a doorway for a wheelchair, is 900 mm, the width of the leaf – 800 mm, the width of the door clearance – 750 mm. There are also dimensions according to the type of door, which can be with double symmetric and asymmetric leaves.

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