Interior door hardware trends of 2023

In home improvement, every detail is important. At first glance, it may seem that hardware for interior doors will not matter much, but if you choose it correctly, you can notice that the whole space will shine with new colors. General interior door hardware trends of 2023 will help to choose the products to complement the interior of the room.

The door leaf becomes not only more attractive, but also more functional with the help of the right hardware. Robust, reliable fasteners will hold the entire construction securely. It is also necessary to take into consideration the material the door leaf is made of. If it is solid wood, then there must be very high-quality fasteners, because flimsy fasteners and hinges are not able to withstand a heavy load.

A wide range of door hinges are available on the market. They differ in the type of mounting, shape and size. Their quality will determine the lifespan of the door and its functionality. Such parts should be made in the same style as the door handles and other additional elements.

How to choose the fittings

Fittings should not only have an attractive appearance, but also be reliable, functional and of high quality. At the same time, such elements should look great in relation to the rest of the interior.

Fashion trends in 2023

To understand how to choose fittings, it is necessary to learn about what are the current proposals on the market. Time does not stand still and some 2023 trends for interior door hardware have already been discovered.

Ceramic "vintage" door handles. An aesthetic from the past is finding its way to the present. If you have a desire to plunge into nostalgia, vintage ceramic door handles are the right solution! Such elements can add elegance and originality to the interior. Latest trends in door hardware highlight this type of handles as the most fashionable and stylish.

Crystal handles. Such elements will make your home more glamorous, add luxury to it and liven up the space. If the interior has details that will echo the crystal fittings, the overall picture will be perfect.

Fittings with "gold". This trend is at the peak of popularity in kitchen hardware right now. Gold fittings can bring a certain chic and sense of luxury to any space. Such elements will look beautiful with the background of furniture in a classic and modern style. These trending door handles will be a successful accent in the interior. 

Matte black fittings. The demand for such details began to grow rapidly this year. In the upcoming year, this trend is not going anywhere, so it is worth complimenting the interior of your home with such elegant accessories. Designers recommend combining them with furniture made of natural wood. Considering the door hardware finish trends 2023, it makes a lot of sense to use laconic and simple products without additional elements. 

How to choose the right fittings

Door hardware trends now recommend choosing handles on roses. Today, there are a lot of such products on the market and they are not limited by design in any way, so every consumer will find a suitable option for their interior. Handles on backplates are in less demand lately, because when replacing them, there may be some difficulties. In any case, you need to look at the quality of the brand and class of products.

Door handle color trends give consumers a huge opportunity for creative solutions. However, it is worth choosing the right fittings, so that they look harmoniously on the leaf, and are functional and reliable. When choosing, you need to follow some recommendations that will help you to find the suitable fittings. 

  • The handles should be made in the same style as the door itself.
  • If the door has a wenge color, then products in brushed nickel will fit harmoniously.
  • For wood or wood-inspired structures, it is better to give preference to bronze hardware. Interior door hardware trends 2023 indicate that this is one of the best options for the next year.
  • White doors are best matched with matte chrome fittings, which are very popular and are available in a wide range of styles and forms on the market.
  • When choosing, rely on personal preferences - the handle should be comfortable and pleasant to open. 

The current trend in door hardware is the simple and inconspicuous handles, which do not have in their design any additional decorations. The rhinestones and beads on the fittings are no longer in fashion. Manufacturers take this fact into account and produce more concise and restrained fittings.


Baseboards play an important role in the interior and should harmonize well with the interior doors. To determine which type of product to choose, you need to consider baseboard trends. 

  • Wooden skirting board is one of the best options that perfectly matches interior doors of the same material, as well as parquet and laminate. Wood always retains its position in trends and is not inferior to other materials. 
  • MDF skirting board is an ideal price-quality ratio, produced in a variety of colors. Current baseboard trends indicate that the most popular shades are darkest, white and grey. 
  • Plastic skirting is one of the most affordable types due to its low-price. It is very practical: easy to care for and resistant to moisture. It can be made in different shades and will successfully fit into any interior. However, this option can break at the slightest mechanical impact.

Considering the baseboard trends, everyone can choose a quality and stylish skirting board for his home which will successfully complement the style of the entire space, along with the door fittings and other elements. To maintain the style of minimalism, it is a good idea to look at concealed baseboards. Such products will be one of the best options if you need to install furniture that must be adjacent to the wall. 

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Considering the current trends in door hardware, you can buy the best products that will look beautiful in the interior and complement it. When buying these accessories, it is important to look not at the brand and price, but at the aesthetic and functional qualities. Choosing the right accessories, you will get a stylish and durable design that will last for many years.

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