Dressing room door ideas

Do you want to completely transform your bedroom interior but don't know where to start? You will be surprised how much the overall space can change once you install a new dressing room door. Here are some ideas to inspire you!

Not so long ago, people were choosing the same doors for the dressing room as for any other room. Nowadays people want to go beyond the usual, to show their individuality and emphasize their own taste. In order to change the space of your bedroom or living room, you just need to install an interesting model of dressing room doors.

We offer you an interesting selection of fashionable closet doors with original elements, colors and textures. It is definitely worth diving into! 

Louvered dressing room doors - a breath of fresh air

Louvered dressing room doors are popular at all times. The lightweight construction doesn't need any reinforced fasteners. Thanks to ventilation, your clothes will not get moldy, moths and bugs will not get in them, and the presence of the grid will give the space elegance and airiness. Sloping lamellae will help to hide the content of the room from prying eyes.Here are some possible configurations for louvered doors:

  • single and double leaf, multiple leaf;
  • pull hinged designs;
  • vintage, national;
  • sliding compartment doors;
  • accordion doors;
  • lacquered or painted in different shades.

This is an ideal option for bedrooms in nautical, country, provincial, boho style.

Boho style doors

Boho style is a complete naturalness, freedom in the interior, which does not accept any restrictions. It is hard to imagine, but this trend emerged in France. The doors of the cabinets might be made of rattan wood and other types of wood. It is also possible to add natural fibers (raffia), leather inserts and textile elements.

A riot of colors, an abundance of pictures, a sense of light clutter are encouraged. It combines well with country or Scandinavian style. You can also match it with some Middle Eastern aesthetics.

Barn sliding doors are wonderfully suited to the interiors of these styles.

For lovers of wooden furniture, the use of timber textures is proposed. Such dressing room door design goes perfectly with mirrors or glass.

Replacing the knob

In addition to functionality, doors should also be attractive. Do you want to freshen up your classic closet doors, but don't know where to start? To begin with, you can replace standard handles and repaint the leaf in white or any other colour. The following types of handles are available:

  • wooden, handmade;
  • sculptural handles of large size;
  • modern models of handles;
  • door handles with buttons.

To create a unique design, you should place door handles on different levels or in different directions. This will draw maximum attention to them.

Painted louvered doors

Doors with wooden louvers remind of a seaside holiday - the best choice to achieve a coastal aesthetic. To refresh or change such a model in the interior of the room, it is worth using a special coating. You can choose any shade. For example, a muted green or grey color can help create a sense of calmness in the bedroom. It combines perfectly with natural materials (wood, marble and so on). If you are not sure that you can cope with the task yourself, it is best to consult a specialist that will help you bring your vision to fruition. The room will be filled with harmony and love.

Although these doors look interesting, they are less durable and have a low level of sound insulation. Ordinary modern doors that are made of MDF, are represented by interesting models that will look even better in dressing rooms.

Using sculptural details

You can accent the wardrobe door using a sculptural element around the door handle. There are a huge number of models available:

  • flowers;
  • birds;
  • animals;
  • stars;
  • and more.

Such decorations will definitely not go unnoticed. Unique decorations will help shape the specific style of the room.

Sliding glass doors

To improve the appearance of the dressing room, you can use sliding doors that are made of glass. Such a model visually expands the space of the room. Transparent, frosted or photo-printed glass products can create a sophisticated modern look. Dressing room sliding doors can be combined with a great variety of styles.

French doors in the dressing room

Not all people prefer modern designs. For the lovers of timeless classics, the French style doors will be perfect. Which french doors to choose for the dressing room? It is recommended to opt for simple paneled doors in white color. This is a win-win solution for all times. The smooth lines will help create a refined aesthetic of the room.

The wardrobe door is not only a functional construction, but also a decorative tool. Its purpose is to reduce visual dissonance, protect belongings from sunlight and accumulation of dust. They should be easy to open and let the air in, preventing the mustiness. Modern requirements for doors are not limited to functionality. An important role is played by the aesthetic appearance, the correct fit with the interior of the room, the addition of decorative elements and so on.

Our wide range of ready-made products will handle the needs of even the most demanding customer. It is also possible to order a sliding design according to an individual sketch.

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