Contemporary interior doors in 2022: trends in the interior

In addition to their functional purpose, contemporary interior doors play an important role in interior design, becoming a kind of final touch from a practical and aesthetic point of view. It is easy to work with this type of door – it can be replaced every year and adapted to the latest trends. The newest trends in this matter do not bring radical changes, but rather subtle variations of previous solutions to avoid frequent purchases and too frequent changes.

As with other interior design trends in 2022, those related to interior contemporary doors are based on practicality, simplicity, naturalness, sustainability, and elegance.

The interior door plays the role of the finishing touch, the last piece in the puzzle of the home interior. For this reason, style, texture, and color correspondence to the design of the apartment as a whole for contemporary interior wood doors, and its design elements are particularly important.

Wide doors

The impressive width of the door leaf has become one of the key trends of 2022. Double-leaf doors are in great demand. The individual design of each sash gives the interior even more personality.

It is also nice that such modern interior french doors increase the space and become a kind of highlight, enriching the environment with new nuances of color and texture. It is possible to choose any material that seems most appropriate and aesthetically appealing.


High doors

Modern contemporary interior doors with great height give the interior an undeniable respectability. This option is ideal for rooms with low ceilings. The higher the door, the higher the walls will appear. Tall items are perfect for any room – provided, of course, that the color and material are correctly chosen.

It is possible to choose glazed leaves to fill the room with more light, which will be an added bonus for contemporary doors interior. In terms of style, you can stick to the classics or laconic modernity, or you can choose something more individual, such as a vintage design, for example.


Glass doors

In 2022, glass came out on top among the current materials. If previously, people wanted to divide their house into separate zones, now the first priority is to unite the space as much as possible. An important role in the realization of such a plan can be played by contemporary interior glass doors (especially sliding ones), which can serve as a partition to divide spaces such as the kitchen and dining room.

It is possible to choose a fogged glass effect for more isolation or keep the transparency to ensure the integrity of the interior design in the house.


Pocket doors

Recently, the pocket type of interior doors for contemporary homes have become popular in bathrooms. Its high practicality has led to its widespread use in other rooms. The ability to move a contemporary sliding door from one side to the other directly into the wall saves space and emphasizes the simplicity of the style. Contemporary interior pocket doors help to visually expand the space. Moreover, glass or wood serve as the best options for such products.

Color trends

The color of modern interior doors plays no less important role in interior design:

  1. Neutral tones – contemporary interior french doors in discreet shades are always relevant. They are perfect for any style and color combination, blend in seamlessly with any decoration, creating a comfortable environment. White, beige, gray, soft pink, pale blue shades are in trend.
  2. Dark colors – contemporary style interior doors in these tones can balance out the contrasts in a room and create a warm effect. Dark shades are a classic for entryways. They suit any style – from traditional to modern one. The best options are black and classic brown.
  3. Bold shades – if you have a bold nature that prefers bright colors into the design, then it is worth choosing a suitable color combination. For example, it is possible to choose emerald green, coral, deep blue for contemporary french interior doors.

Even a slight deviation can improve or spoil the picture, so it is necessary to be extremely careful when choosing a shade for the door leaf.


Material trends

It is assumed that in 2022 natural and modern materials will be used to create interior doors contemporary design. Although the classic and always current solution is still wood. It fits in wonderfully with the rustic style and creates a feeling of warmth and coziness in the room. It is also possible to consider glass or metal as the main material for black, beige, and white contemporary interior doors.

Fitting trends

It is mainly about contemporary frosted glass interior french doors handles. This is the final touch in the product design. Among the common options, there are brass, models of impressive length and with an original design.

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