5 Popular Exterior Door Styles

These days, a homeowner has the opportunity to choose from a large number of exteriordoor styles to protect the home from intrusion and make a good impression on those visiting. In our material, we will take a look at the most popular exterior door styles. 

Entry front doors

When buying exterior doors, everyone is guided by security and aesthetic considerations. On one hand, people want to protect themselves and their loved ones from intruders, and on the other hand, they want to give their homes an elegant style and an attractive appearance.

As for aesthetics, it is a matter of taste. You can go for a restrained classic style or give it a playful atmosphere. But first of all, you should take care of the entry door durability, which guarantees safety.

There are a lot of materials that can be used to hedge against adverse weather conditions, intruders and prevent heat loss. These include metal, wood or fiberglass. In addition, you can find quite a few options with modern or vintage design from proven brands.

Sliding glass doors

Glass doors, which have the ability to slide in different directions, are a great option that will significantly transform the design of your own home for the better. Exterior sliding door styles will not only make your home more beautiful, but will also give more functionality to your living space.

With this product, you can combine the interior and exterior space of the house, which are usually the dining room and the patio. By introducing a transparent glass door, you can create an impressive view of the outdoor space, as well as visually expand the interior. This option is more refined than the exterior patio door styles.

You can find a wide range of exterior door styles on the market that you can choose to suit your tastes for the design of your home. Sliding doors will look good if you have a minimalist home design, or if you are thinking about adding a wooden deck to your home.

Sliding doors with glass are quite a decent option to fill the apartment with light and visually increase the spaciousness. Therefore, it makes no sense to postpone a consultation with a proven company to see the possible options. 

French patio doors

If you want to diversify your home by adding an element of architecture to it, you will not find a better option on the market than the french style exterior doors. Those french style exterior doors offer customization possibilities that are many times greater than for other exterior door styles.

These products help to achieve natural light, a sense of novelty and a seamless transition between the exterior and indoor. Both timber and other materials are used in french style exterior doors. French doors are the best option for people who want their rooms to be filled with natural light and look elegant. It is worth choosing them to elevate the refined taste expressed in the style of the house. 

Storm doors

To improve the functionality of the exterior of the home, you can use special doors that can protect the owners from storms or insects, as well as let the fresh air inside. There are many products on the market with different full screen options. 

This is a special type of exterior door that provides functionality of exterior doorways of your living space. In our store you will find all the suitable variants thanks to the professional advice of our employees and you will be able to add not only style, but also increase the functionality of the rooms. 

Shaker style exterior doors

Shaker style exterior doors are characterized by their simplicity and steel construction with a polyurethane core. They can be used for a variety of house designs, they harmonize particularly well with cottage style exterior doors. In addition, the shaker style exterior doors are a more optimal option when security and reliability are a priority. Steel does not crack and can not warp like other materials.

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In our company you will find a wide range of entrance doors for every taste. The options listed above are not all that we can offer you. If you need to diversify your design and achieve an impressive effect, we have pivot doors that are made from a variety of materials. They will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also provide protection against uninvited guests.

For personalization, many homeowners order custom made entry doors that represent their individual taste. To add the atmosphere of rural life, our online store offers farmhouse style entry doors. The barn door style exterior shutters are the optimal complement to them.

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