Warranty and Service

The warranty period for door units is determined by the manufacturer.

  • This period can vary from 1 to 15 years.
  • All information regarding the purchased product must be specified in the Purchase Agreement.
  • During the warranty period, you can contact the Service Department and request a technician on-site call to eliminate defects.
  • The warranty period for door installation is 1 year from the date of acceptance of work.

Warranty obligations for door installation are not provided in case:

  • he door was not installed according to the technical requirements (using a level); instead, the customer requested to align the door to the wall, slope, etc.

Warranty limitations

  • The warranty does not apply to discounted goods.
  • The warranty concerning entrance doors and panels (entrance from the street) applies on the condition that a protective overhang was installed above the door.

Warranty obligations are terminated in the following cases:

  • If wet finishing works (screed laying, wallpapering, wall painting) were carried out after door installation, leading to high humidity levels (65% or more).
  • The door was repaired by the customer or unauthorized personnel.
  • The hinges, locks or cylinders are soiled with oil, dirt, construction dust, etc.
  • The door units were exposed to mechanical or other damage, chemicals, moisture, or high/low temperature.
  • The doors were constructively modified or painted.
  • The doors were installed poorly (unless installation was performed by the Seller).
  • The operating condition specified in the product documentation were violated during operation, transportation, or storage.