Our team’s main task is to build a quality foundation for long and reliable door operation. Our many years of experience prove that door installation must be approached individually, responsibly and professionally. If you entrust us with door installation, you can be confident that the door will serve you well for many years to come.

Please note that installation of handles, platbands and seals is carried out on the day of the door unit installation. If the customer wants to have these accessories installed on another day, they will have to pay a surcharge for the additional on-site call. The cost of each call is UAH 500. If the walls adjoining the door unit are uneven or service openings do not meet the requirements, the company is not be responsible for the aesthetic appearance of the installed unit, namely: smooth fit of the platband, a lack of uneven seams between the platband and the wall, etc. Door units must be installed using a level, in which case all warranty obligations are guaranteed. If the customer requests to align the door to the wall instead of using a level, the warranty becomes void, which is reflected in the acceptance certificate.