5 Reasons to Have White Interior Doors in Your Home

Modern trends in home interior design tend toward neutral and universal solutions. More and more often we have to give up bright colors and dark tones because they visually overload the room. Designers recommend choosing pastel-colored walls and white interior doors. Do not be afraid of stain colors. Technologically up-to-date manufacturers use materials that make those paints abrasion resistant. Corresponding to the window frames and furniture in the room, beautiful white doors will harmoniously fit into any style and visually refresh the apartment. Modern white interior doors have undeniable advantages over alternative options:

  • they are timeless and fashionable, so they will be relevant for many years to come;
  • visually expand the space and the room seems larger;
  • they are versatile for any room style - classic, loft, modern;
  • the palette of white shades allows you to choose a suitable one, so that the door harmonizes with the decor of the room;
  • any door model can be made white - with glass or with fancy milling.

The white interior doors look particularly advantageous in textured design. The play of light and shadow on the convex-curved surface provides topical accents and makes the white doors the central element of the house. 

How to Choose a White Door

The range of modern white doors is quite wide and everyone is able to choose the optimal configuration for the apartment. Manufacturers offer different types of products:

  • smooth modern door white in a minimalist style;
  • shaker doors with three central recessed panels, creating the sense of coziness in a home;
  • retro models with strict geometric or fancy shaped milling;
  • with inserts of transparent or frosted glass;
  • double-leaf variants.

Although white interior door styles are very diverse, in some cases, they may not satisfy the buyer. Non-standard size of the opening or shape brings its own adjustments to the selection of a suitable look. Modern white oak interior doors and doors using other precious wood may not fit the room design for some reason as they might attract too much attention..

The simpler versions are covered with white paint for interior doors, which makes for easier maintenance. They look no worse and perform all the same functions in the interior.

How to Use a White Door

Large assortment allows you to use white door of the modern style for any rooms of the house. They will harmoniously fit into the child's room, living room and kitchen. For rooms with high traffic, specialists recommend installing products coated with special types of paint for interior doors. They are able to protect the surface from external factors, such as high humidity.

The mechanical influences should also be taken into account. Of course, a layer of paint will not protect from knocks and scratches. But it will help to prevent abrasion from multiple touches. To avoid warping and sagging, it is not desirable to put additional load on the hinges of white painted interior doors.

It is not recommended to hang bags, clothes, sports equipment on the handles and leaf. It is also not recommended to often leave the door open for a long time, especially the first time after installation. In rooms with high humidity, on the contrary, regular ventilation is required.

How to Look After the Door

To keep the modern white door design in its original appearance for a long time, you should take proper care of it. The careful attitude towards the interior object begins with daily cleaning. A soft cloth is enough to remove dust. You should not abuse aggressive household chemicals and harsh brushes. They can irreparably damage the surface.

Certain components of chemicals destroy the coating, and the coarse bristles can leave scratches. Over time, dirt and dust penetrate between the fibers in the place of such a defect. Such stains, which are especially noticeable on white modern interior doors, become impossible to remove. Any stains should be cleaned while they are still fresh, before they become embedded in the wood. Moreover, you should start by using the gentlest methods.

How to Purchase it Online

You can easily buy modern white internal doors in the online store. It is convenient, because a catalog of products is available all the time. Selected items can be compared by parameters in order to buy the best option. The company's products are accompanied by a detailed description and photo. Dimensions, materials and other features of production are indicated on the product page. Do you have any questions? Our sales consultants in the store will answer them. You can easily access the members of our team by calling one of the phone numbers listed on the website.

High-quality white doors are not only stylish and modern, but also comfortable and durable!

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